Software and Hardware Detection

Software, hardware and costs at a glance

cuDetect provides you with detailed information on the software used in the company. The software solution scans all components that exist on servers, clients and mobile devices. With a single click you will get a complete overview of the installed hardware and software.

This tool is not only the basis for an optimal change and configuration management, for an efficient license management and many other processes in IT service management, it also helps to detect great saving potentials.

Benefits of software and hardware detection

  • Knowledge of used software and hardware
  • Information on actual usage intensity
  • Avoids unnecessary costs
  • Automated build-up of high-quality CMDB
  • Ready to use without installation
  • Best foundation for an optimal license management

cuDetect at a glance

  • Capturing and compression of software and hardware information
  • Monitoring of software on terminal servers and virtual machines
  • Optional user survey (software rating)
  • Evaluation of software usage
  • Monitoring functions
  • Automated receipt of detection outcomes
  • Remote configuration of the detection agent
  • Runs in Windows and Unix environments
  • Communication entirely based on XML (optionally via web services)
  • Central consolidation of the data
  • Transfer of data to the additional hardware and software asset management or license management
  • Easily adjustable reporting, even without additional hardware and software asset management or license management

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