SAP License Optimization

More control, less costs: SAP license optimization

cuDetect s@p has been developed especially for optimizing the usage of SAP licenses. Use your SAP licenses in the best way – cost-saving & usage-based

The tool captures how many users work with which SAP systems, clients and modules. Calculate the current usage intensity of the SAP functions with only one click.

In this way you not only have all information always at your fingertips when a survey through SAP is due. You will also be in the the optimal position for negotiation. The software cuDetect s@p detects and solves maintenance errors and expensive user classifications, which can save you a lot of costs.

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SAP license optimization

SAP license optimization

Functions of cuDetect s@p

Case Study

Case Study

License to Save: Globally Operating Industrial Company Optimizes its SAP License Usage

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Benefits of SAP license optimization

  • Cost reductions through detection of incorrect user configurations
  • Cleanup of problem cases (inactive users, duplicates etc.)
  • Evaluation and analysis of all SAP systems
  • Transparency, full control, less time-consuming
  • Optimal position for negotiations with SAP
  • 100% integrated in SAP systems

cuDetect s@p at a glance

  • Evaluation and analysis of all SAP systems
  • Cleanup of problem cases (inactive users, duplicates etc.)
  • (Automatic) optimization of user classification
  • Analysis, simulation and allocation to less expensive classifications
  • Capturing of packages / engines
  • Capturing of scope and intensity of usage for accounting processes
  • Measuring of ABAP and JAVA stack systems
  • Suitable for SAP HANA
  • Can be combined with SAP License Administration Workbench
  • 100% integrated in SAP, ready for Solution Manager

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