Procurement Record

The electronic procurement record integrated in SAP systems

cuSmarText Purchase, the electronic procurement record, supports Procurement during the entire purchasing process in an optimal way.

The software solution gathers all buying sources, purchasing data, agreements and documents in one electronic record. In this way the users can find all the information in a central location.

The best thing about it: the helpful functions that make Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) much easier. These are for example the automatic creation and assessment of documents, questionnaires and more, the monitoring function to meet all appointments and deadlines or the continuous risk evaluation to name but a few. This means for you: more control, a high degree of automation and thus great saving potentials in procurement.

Benefits of the procurement record

  • Access to all purchasing data and documents
  • Find the information you need faster
  • Easier monitoring of supplier performance
  • Automated creation of questionnaires, documents, emails, forms etc
  • Monitoring of appointments and deadlines
  • Continuous risk evaluation
  • Best data protection and audit compliance
  • 100% integrated in SAP and Microsoft systems

cuSmarText Purchase at a glance

  • All purchasing and supplier information in one digital record
  • Automated creation of questionnaires, documents, emails, forms
  • Dispatch of documents for pre- and re-qualification
  • Automated assessment of questionnaires
  • Appointment and deadline monitoring
  • Task management and approval workflow
  • Easy full-text search
  • Document scan out of the SAP system with barcode support
  • Email import from MS Outlook and IBM Notes
  • Temporary or longterm access for suppliers to parts of records
  • 100% integrated in SAP systems and MS Office
  • The optimal user interface for everyone – SAP system, web, app

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