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Digital personnel record – integrated into SAP systems, secure and transparent

cuSmarText HR is the optimal electronic record for the Human Resources department. It manages all documents of the personnel record digitally and provides them to the authorized users at any time – up to date and across the company.

Versatile functionalities automate processes in human resources: simple search functions, automated document creation, intuitive web interface, individually definable access rights, direct connection to the SAP system and much more.

Furthermore, cuSmarText HR offers an automatic document creation. It allows you to generate employment contracts and serial letters as well as employer references. To do so, the authorized employee simply selects the respective paragraphs from a collection of predefined text passages.

Combined with the data existing on the system, this creates standardized yet personalized documents. The digital personnel record can also be easily called up and edited stationarily or from your mobile device, i.e., your smart phone or tablet – in compliance with the highest data protection regulations.

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The digital personnel record in use

The digital personnel record in use

Web interface of cuSmarText HR

The digital personnel record in use

The digital personnel record in use

Open and edit the digital personnel record in the familiar MS Word interface without leaving the SAP system

The digital personnel record in use

The digital personnel record in use

The digital personnel record in the SAP interface

Video interview

Video interview

Hamburger Hochbahn AG, Dinah Chebib shares her experience with the digital personnel record (English subtitles)

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Benefits of the personnel record

  • Central availability of documents in digital personnel record
  • Best protection of sensitive data
  • Fewer paper piles
  • Relieves Human Resources through automation
  • Staff can access the same record simultaneously – also from mobile devices
  • Quick full-text search
  • Easy handling even without knowledge of SAP
  • Quick introduction

cuSmarText HR at a glance

  • Structured storage in the digital personnel record 
  • Direct access from SAP HCM
  • Suitable for SAP HANA
  • Optimized search via full text
  • Sophisticated authorization system
  • Automatic document creation for certificates, contracts and much more
  • Document scan directly at the desk via barcode support
  • Email transfer from MS Outlook and IBM Notes
  • Appointment and deadline management
  • Automated release and approval workflows
  • 100% SAP and Microsoft integrated
  • The ideal user interface for everyone – SAP, web, app

The most important functions of cuSmarText HR

Structured storage of the digital personnel record

An electronic record is maintained in cuSmarText HR for each employee and process. It contains any personal documents and contracts, social security and tax records, copies of official documents as well as further documents.

You can call up the electronic record directly from all regular features of SAP HCM (Human Capital Management), allowing you to access any relevant information at a glance without any system interruption.

The full text and keyword search allow you to easily find any document in the electronic record. This applies to character-based as well as to scanned documents which can be searched thanks to the integrated OCR recognition.

Automated document creation

Furthermore, the digital personnel record software cuSmarText HR comes with the integrated cuDocument Builder which allows you to automatically generate, send and archive documents for standard correspondence such as certificates, letters, formulas, references and evaluations as well as employment contracts in the Microsoft Office or PDF format. Emails can also be designed and created – directly from any SAP or MS Office feature.

For this, the HR department creates templates which specify the structure and content of the different sections of the various document types. From these finished, released templates, the clerk simply has to approve the template that is automatically recommended in the respective editing step and manually replace any placeholders, if required.

Overview of appointments and deadlines

To stay abreast of the plethora of different retention periods, contract runtimes and tasks, an appointment and deadline management is indispensable. It is the only way to ensure that editing and decision paths are observed and processes are executed optimally. The integrated event agent of cuSmarText HR determines expiring appointments in time and informs the responsible employee via email or via an entry into the to-do list. Additionally, further follow up processes can be triggered automatically.

Direct access from SAP HCM and SAP S4/HANA compatibility

The electronic personnel record software cuSmarText HR is seamlessly integrated into SAP systems. The digital personnel record is procedurally connected to, for example, the default modules such as SAP HCM, SAP Action Management etc. and can be called up from any SAP feature – including directly from personnel management transactions such as the applicant or workshop management. Due to the integration, information is not managed in a vacuum, but rather transparently and consistently in connection with process, contract, cost and posting contexts.

Moreover, the solution is fully compatible with SAP S4/HANA. This technology accelerates data processing, especially in complex calculations. The document management processes can thus be continuously accelerated while your company is equipped to face future challenges.

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