Document Management

Document management software – transparent and integrated into SAP

cuSmarText is the document management software (DMS) that is fully integrated into SAP systems. It provides the fastest access to any information and processes – across the company, up-to-date and audit-proof – thus increasing transparency in your company.

The versatile functions of the software solution automate the administrative processes. Manage all documents throughout their entire life cycle – from document creation to storage and usage through to their organized destruction – in every department and with less manual effort.

The DMS software sets your company on the right track towards a paper-free office. Similarly, digital documents and information receive significantly better protection against destruction and manipulation as well as unauthorized access than any paper-based record management could provide.

The document management software is integrated into Microsoft and SAP systems, can be used to connect to MS Outlook and IBM Notes and is available in many different languages.

Benefits of document management

  • Increased transparency and automation
  • Reduced workload for the departments
  • Revision safety and highest level of data protection
  • Optimized search via full text
  • Automated document creation
  • Full control over appointments and deadlines
  • Version management and comparison
  • 100% integrated into SAP and Microsoft systems

cuSmarText at a glance

  • Electronic document management for each department (HR, Legal, Purchase, etc.)
  • Audit-proof electronic record, i.e., as a customer record, delivery record, personnel file.
  • Suitable for SAP HANA
  • Document scan from SAP
  • Barcode support
  • Automatic combination of partial records to complete view.
  • Automatic creation of emails, documents and contracts
  • Appointment and deadline monitoring
  • Task management and approval workflow
  • The right user interface for everyone – SAP, web, app

The most important features of cuSmarText

Electronic record

The DMS maintains an electronic record for each process which stores all documents, contracts and information of a contract in a structured manner – irrespective of whether a scanned or digital version of them already exists on the system. This has the following advantages: First, using a document management leads to a “paper-free office”, thanks to the electronic storage and archiving, thus reducing office, storage, paper, and filing costs. Second, the digital record constitutes the central information point. Since the information is stored centrally, all employees across the company can access it without time delay or research it by using a variety of search functionalities. This increases the efficiency and consequently optimizes the reaction time.

Meet compliance requirements

Compliance plays an important role in connection with documents. Using a DMS facilitates meeting proprietary requirements such as: the assignment of roles, competencies and access rights, as well as the principle of dual control during document creation. cuSmarText furthermore helps to adhere to external compliance requirements. All documents and information is archived in an audit-proof manner and pursuant to statutory provisions such as GDPR or IFRS, which the solution also considers.

Automated document creation

A company’s employees often spend a significant amount of their workday on repetitively creating the same types of documents, looking up data in the SAP / ERP system, printing and sending said data. The automatic document creation provided by cuSmarText allows you to automatically generate documents of all types such as contracts, invoices, cover letters, forms, replies etc. as individualized single or serial letters for mass production. Specially designed emails can be created as well – directly from within any part of the SAP system and MS Office.

Overview of appointments and deadlines

Staying abreast of the multitude of different retention periods for documents (greatly exceeding 9000, according to the working group privacy regulations of the DSAG, the German-speaking society of SAP users) is challenging. But thanks to the component “Appointments and deadlines” in cuSmarText, vesting and deletion periods can be specified – either automatically, based on rules or for individual documents. The particular advantage: once a documents retention period expires, its deletion can be automatically triggered or, if desired, submitted to the authorized employee for inspection. This procedure provides those responsible with the security of only holding the data they are authorized to hold – neither more nor less.

Integration of our software into SAP and Microsoft systems

The document management software cuSmarText is fully integrated into SAP systems. This way, besides managing documents in isolation, it also transparently and consistently replicates them in connection with process, contract, cost and posting contexts.

Thanks to the seamless integration into Microsoft systems, cuSmarText and Microsoft products perfectly complement each other. This allows you to directly store any saved documents or information in the record from any MS Office application. An important feature of the DMS is the audit-proof management and proper archiving of emails – with a single click, including text formatting and attachments.

Wide field of application of the document management software cuSmarText

cuSmarText can be applied across departments, wherever documents are involved. valantic Enterprise Solutions offers specialized best practice concepts of the solution for different departments such as HR, Legal, Purchasing, Sales, Patent Management. It can also be employed as a data protection management system (GDPR). For this, the solution provides a reliable settlement of inquiries, since the responsible employee is only one click away from the information.

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