Document Management

Document management integrated in SAP systems for more transparency

cuSmarText is the SAP-integrated document management system (DMS). It provides fastest possible access to information and processes – across the company, up to date and audit-compliant – and thus increases the transparency in your company.

Automated management of documents

The versatile functions of the software solution automate the administrative processes. Manage all documents during their entire life cycle – from document creation to storage and usage up to organized destruction – in every department and with less manual effort. 

Integrative document management with cuSmarText

The document management software is integrated in Microsoft and SAP systems, offers connections to MS Outlook and IBM Notes and is available in a number of languages.

Benefits of document management

  • More transparency and automation
  • Relieves the department
  • Audit compliance and highest standards of data protection
  • Optimized search with full-text
  • Automated document creation
  • Appointments and deadlines under control
  • Versions management and comparison
  • 100% integrated in SAP and Microsoft systems

cuSmarText at a glance

  • Electronic document management for every department (Human Resources, Legal, Procurement and many more)
  • Audit-compliant electronic record, e.g. as customer record, supplier file, personnell file
  • Suitable for SAP HANA
  • Document scan out of the SAP system
  • Support of barcodes
  • Records join automatically to create an overview
  • Automated creation of emails, documents, contracts and more
  • Appointment and deadline monitoring
  • Task management and approval workflow
  • The optimal user interface for everyone – SAP system, web, app

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