Customer Record

Electronic customer record in SAP – for best service

The electronic customer record cuSmarText CRM optimizes the customer relationship management in Sales and other departments.

The software stores all the information of a customer, e.g. contact details, contracts, offers etc. in one central location. In this way the members of Sales have full access to the information – no matter where and when they need it.

Through an app the employees can browse the documents and data even outside the office, for example at an external sales appointment – for best customer service.

The electronic customer record supports many other processes in Sales, for example lead management, forecasting, creation of reports and documents (offers, contracts). So you have more time for the most important – the customer.

The software is integrated in SAP systems and can also be operated easily through an intuitive web interface even without knowledge of SAP.

Benefits of the customer record

  • Access to all Sales and customer data at any time
  • Find information faster and more easily
  • Optimized customer service
  • Automation of manual effort
  • Creation of documents and Excel dashboards
  • Appointment and deadline monitoring
  • Task management
  • 100% integrated in SAP and Microsoft systems

cuSmarText CRM at a glance

  • Electronic customer record integrated in SAP systems
  • Structured storage and direct access to Sales and customer data
  • Document scan and barcode support directly out of the SAP system
  • Email import from MS Outlook and IBM Notes
  • Easy full-text search
  • Release and approval workflows
  • Comprehensive analyses and reports
  • Smart authorization system
  • The optimal user interface for everyone – SAP system, web, app
  • 100% integrated in SAP systems and MS Office

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