Leasing Contracts

Manage leasing contracts according to IFRS and HGB (commercial code)

cuContract allows you to manage all leasing contracts during their entire life cycle for balance sheets in compliance with IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards).

Meet the new regulations of IFRS by categorizing and evaluating the contracts correctly as well as by recognizing possible consequences for your balance sheets.

The software provides a connection between sales (lessor) and procurement (lessee). On the whole, this will make the workflow easier and more efficient and will give the user a high degree of transparency.

With the integrated appointment and deadline management you will gain an overview of all contractual deadlines and are able to renew leasing contracts with new conditions or terminate them in order to optimize your leasing rates.

cuContract Leasing is integrated in SAP systems and MS Office to 100% and can be operated easily through the web interface.

Benefits of leasing contract management

  • Balance sheets in compliance with IFRS
  • Connection between procurement, sales and accounting
  • Automated internal controls and processes
  • Optimization of leasing rates, discount rates and more
  • Increase in transparency and efficiency
  • Best data protection
  • 100% integrated in SAP systems – especially SAP Accounting

cuContract Leasing at a glance

  • Planning, categorization and evaluation of leasing contracts
  • Planning and assessment of financial consequences
  • Calculation of contract validity period, amount of leasing rates, discount rates and more
  • Annual follow-up evaluations of the right to use with amortized costs
  • Examination of liabilities and repayment portion
  • Assessment of contract validity period and residual value
  • Monitoring functions
  • Digital record for all documents, emails etc.
  • Automated document creation
  • Monitoring of appointments and deadlines
  • Integration in MS Office, MS Outlook and IBM Notes
  • 100% integrated in SAP systems

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