Invoice Processing

Electronic invoice processing – integrated in SAP systems

cuContract Invoicing automates your invoice processing – from receipt of the invoice up to the final posting.

In one step The solution extracts the invoice data and assigns it automatically to the matching postings in the connected SAP system. The data is compared with the underlying contracts. If they match, an automatic release can be initiated.

Safe storage of data The electronic record of cuContract Invoicing stores all documents and data in an audit-compliant manner. Accounting and Controlling work together in an optimal way, as the information on creditors and debtors as well as payment commitments etc. can be retrieved from one central system.

Benefits of invoice processing

  • Automation of entire invoicing process
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Adherence to payment targets and utilization of discounts
  • Accurate overview of contract depletion
  • Reduction of errors
  • Keeps electronic invoice ledger
  • Audit compliance
  • 100% integrated in SAP systems

cuContract Invoicing at a glance

  • Invoice verification against order or contract
  • Assignment of invoices to a contract
  • Approval and posting workflow
  • Scan of incoming invoices and allocation
  • Recognition, classification, extraction of invoice data
  • Examination of formal requirements according to UStG §14 (sales tax law)
  • Suitable for SAP HANA
  • Automatic import of invoice data out of emails
  • Allocation of invoice data to SAP organization elements and open transactions
  • Direct assignment of invoices in SAP FI to contracts
  • Automatic creation of FI documents
  • Approval workflow

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