Investment Management

Investment management – compliant, efficient, integrated in SAP

cuContract Shareholding is a contract management tailored to the management of investments. The goal: Increased efficiency of everyday processes. 

Manage all corporate investments and articles of association, transactions, shareholders, mandate holders, notarial agreements etc. right from their time of creation.

The specialization of the software solutions in corporate law gives the department the best overview of even the most complex corporate connections, group structures and shares.

The good thing about it: The investment management, which is integrated in SAP systems, helps you act in compliance with policies, control investment portfolios in a value-oriented way and optimize everyday processes.

Benefits of investment management

  • Automation of entire invoicing process
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Adherence to payment targets and utilization of discounts
  • Accurate overview of contract depletion
  • Reduction of errors
  • Keeps electronic invoice ledger
  • Audit compliance
  • 100% integrated in SAP systems

cuContract Invoicing at a glance

  • Invoice verification against order or contract
  • Assignment of invoices to a contract
  • Approval and posting workflow
  • Scan of incoming invoices and allocation
  • Recognition, classification, extraction of invoice data
  • Examination of formal requirements according to UStG §14 (sales tax law)
  • Automatic import of invoice data out of emails
  • Allocation of invoice data to SAP organization elements and open transactions
  • Direct assignment of invoices in SAP FI to contracts
  • Automatic creation of FI documents

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