Investment Management

Investment management – compliant, efficient, integrated in SAP

cuContract Shareholding is a contract management tailored to the management of investments. The goal: Increased efficiency of everyday processes. 

Manage all corporate investments and articles of association, transactions, shareholders, mandate holders, notarial agreements etc. right from their time of creation.

The specialization of the software solutions in corporate law gives the department the best overview of even the most complex corporate connections, group structures and shares.

The good thing about it: The investment management, which is integrated in SAP systems, helps you act in compliance with policies, control investment portfolios in a value-oriented way and optimize everyday processes.

Benefits of investment management

  • Reduce strain on department staff
  • All investments and relations at a glance
  • Traceability of developments over years
  • Easily verifiable financial information
  • Audit-proof and compliant
  • Automated document and Excel creation
  • 100% integrated in SAP and Microsoft systems

cuContract Shareholding at a glance

  • All business information at a glance
  • Mandates and shareholdings management
  • Interactive representation of shareholding relations and business name changes
  • Digital, process oriented shareholding record
  • Full-text search and versions management
  • Automated creation of documents and tables
  • Appointment and deadline monitoring
  • Task creation and distribution
  • Integration with MS Outlook and IBM Notes
  • Approval and release functions as workflow or ad hoc
  • Risk management, spend analysis, simulations and much more
  • 100% integrated in SAP and Microsoft applications
  • The right interface for everyone user – SAP system, web, app

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