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Signature software – SAP-integrated, transparent & compliant

The electronic signature offers a significant advantage compared to the traditional paper-based signature. While contracts previously had to be printed, sent, signed and finally saved or scanned, the entire handling process can now be completed digitally – without media interruptions, letter post or waiting times.

Various technologies are available for this. The signature is created either directly online via a web certificate or inserted into the digital document via signature pads or tablets.

Although the signatures are no longer handwritten on paper, they provide maximum security. European legislation (§2 nr. 1 and 2 of the signature law, eIDAS) impose strict requirements on the authenticity and security of the electronic signatures.

The digital signature combined with the SAP-integrated contract management software provided by Circle Unlimited are the key to a fully digitized process – from contract creation and signature to audit-proof archiving.

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Contract management in use

Contract management in use

Simply sign on the pad - the signature is now a part of the digital contract

Contract management in use

Contract management in use

Automated signature process without media interruptions

Contract management in use

Contract management in use

Web interface cuContract

Benefits of the digital signature software

  • Saves time             
  • Simplifies storage
  • No expensive hardware required
  • Works online and offline
  • Lowers operating costs (especially postal charges, paper and printing costs)
  • Maximum security
  • Fully integrated into SAP
  • Strong partnerships with established software and hardware developers for the digital signature (DocuSign, signotec)

Signature software at a glance

  • Fully automated digital process - from document creation and electronic signature to audit-proof filing and archiving
  • Adherence to local and industry-specific standards (incl. eIDAS).
  • Supports all signature types (incl. advanced electronic signatures and qualified electronic signatures)
  • Available online and offline
  • Simple signature via signature pad, tablet, finger print or completely online
  • Wide field of application (Sales, HR, Legal, Sales and many more)
  • Fully integrated into SAP

The most important functions of the digital signature software

Certified technology without media interruptions

Traditionally, a document or a contract gets signed by hand. For this, the digitally produced document must be printed out, signed, scanned and saved. Consequently, acquiring the signature interrupts the digital process. Requiring additional effort, time and thus money. For this reason, the digital signature is steadily gaining in significance. It is the only way of accelerating the business process and simplifying storage.

A signature solution combined with a contract or document management software is used to electronically sign documents pursuant to the Digital Signature Act. There are different options available based on the scope of application and the requirements. For one, the digital signature can be given via an electronic fingerprint, which allows you to transmit encrypted messages and safely decrypt them. Alternatively, an online platform can be used to give the digital signature. Here, an especially secured process is used to store a unique signature. Another established process is the manual, biometric signature performed via a signature pad or tablet. The signatory gets simultaneously authenticated via the biometric parameters they provide while signing. Forgery will be detected immediately.

3 reasons for using cuContract and cuSmarText with signature function

1. Efficient

valantic Enterprise Solutions offers the complete process from a single source: Software for contract or document management with automatic creation of correspondence, forms and contracts pre-filled with SAP data, including their design with predefined text and layout modules, signature options and the respective storage processes.

2. Safe

The advantage of the electronic signature is that is easy to introduce and that it cannot be lost. The individual biometric parameters of the electronic signature prevent forgery or transfer. Furthermore, the digital signature is versatile. The digital signature meets the security level of each scenario - from simple to qualified signature.

3. Fast

The digital signature may proceed synchronously (simultaneously) or asynchronously (in succession). For the synchronous method the contract parties are together in one place. A typical example is the mobile Sales staff in trade or services who is equipped with a signature pad or a suitable mobile device. This makes it also possible to immediately negotiate the terms of business, define the contract conditions via the contract management and directly complete the process with a digital signature. When using the asynchronous method, the contract parties are in different locations, sometimes even in different time zones, so that the agreement usually gets signed successively. A lot of time can pass until both parties have signed the agreement. The digital signature that can be carried out directly at the work space offers many advantages. Contrary to the traditional signature, it allows you to conclude the business in a short period of time. The contracting parties do not even have to meet for this.

Fields of application of the electronic signature software

The field of application of the electronic signatures is as diverse as the documents processed in the different company departments on a daily basis. The electronic signature is valuable for the Sales team while accepting orders, for the Human Resources department while dealing with requests and certificates, or for the Legal department while handling any contracts or documents that do not explicitly require the written form. Only a few contracts legally require this. Additionally, all security levels can be used, from the basic signature all the way to the qualified electronic signature.

The electronic signature is available online or offline, depending on the use case. valantic Enterprise Solutions offers apps to members of Sales to synchronize the document to be signed to a tablet to collect the signatures offline and later synchronize the documents back into the contract management. For this reason, in addition to the online version, the signature pad provider Signotec is a crucial partner in the quest to exploit the full potential of electronic signatures offline. Pen pads or tablet PCs allow users to sign digitally, optimize business operations, authenticate people and create evidence-proof documents, as usual.

The DocuSign solution that is available for the web, as a mobile version and offline offers another simple use of electronic signatures. Anyone in possession of an email address can participate in the process without additional registration or any special hardware requirements. The signatory gets notified via email once a document is ready to get signed. Review and check the document online, insert the signature into the document or release the already saved signature – and the process is complete.

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