Data Protection Management

Data Protection Management with cuSmarText GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) poses a challenge for many companies. They not only have to ensure that personal data is saved and used in compliance with the regulations but also provide this data to the affected person upon request.

But how implement the GDPR requirements without simoultaneously putting additional strain on employees or slowing down existing processes? Investing in a software for managing the data protection processes pays off in the long run. In this way companies have full control over the new regulations of GDPR, save time, efforts and ensure compliance.

Efficient data protection management

The data protection management system cuSmarText GDPR helps companies organize, document and administer the processes of data protection. Alongside the reliable handling of requests by affected persons the solution offers a range of additional services such as transaction records, check lists and the automated creation and management of correspondence to further support the staff in ensuring data protection.


cuSmarText GDPR at a glance

  • Secures rights of the affected persons in line with GDPR
  • Improves ability to obtain and provide information
  • Automated handling of requests by affected persons
  • Automated workflows for review, adjustment and deletion of personal data
  • Automated document creation and correspondence
  • Keeps records for each case incl. required documentation
  • Safeguards maximum retention periods of documents and data
  • Compliant and tamper-free data storage
  • Integrates with IBM and MS Outlook Notes
  • Integrates with and certified for SAP ERP and S/4HANA

The core functions of the data protection software

Management of requests, tasks and deadlines

Handling the requests by affected persons often involves a number of steps, such as creating a task and delegating it to a team member, searching for the requested documents and compiling a written reply. To support the team in the best possible way the data protection management cuSmarText GDPR offers automated workflows and a task management with which staff can create and delegate tasks easily.

For every case or request the software keeps a digital documentation as a basis for the procedures register required by GDPR, which will be generated automatically from this documentation. This holds all information regarding the request in a structured manner, such as emails, documents and written correspondence. Several authorized departments of the company can access the digital register at the same time and are thus capable of replying to a request even faster.

In addition, legal foundations and company specific process instructions can be defined and stored in the data protection management system. This makes it easy for employees to review how long personal data may be stored and when these have to be locked or deleted. All changes made to the data sets and documents will be documented in a tamper-proof and compliant way so as to be able to trace them even years later.

The integrated automatic document creation component shortens reaction times and increases the quality and consistency of the documents. For example, the employee is able to generate the data processer agreements for suppliers and clients incl. the appendix of technical and organizational measures (TOMs). The texts in the documents will automatically be supplemented with data from the data protection management system, the SAP system or from another source. This is especially helpful with recurring correspondence such as replies or confirmations and gives the employees more time for the tasks that really matter.

Transparency and safety

With cuSmarText GDPR companies always stay compliant with GDPR. The rights for viewing and accessing data can be granted individually for each department. If, for example, an employee would like to take a look at her/his digital personnel record, the system can automatically grant her/him a temporary read right to see the relevant information. Similarly, authorizations can be granted right from the start depending on the role and position of the employee and thus define who may see, create and edit information.

The appointments and deadlines component monitors the retention periods of the documents and data and reminds the responsible employee in good time to review or delete data. This ensures that only essential information is stored – neither more nor less.

Maximum data protection in line with GDPR

The data protection software complies with GDPR’s requirements for privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default. Maximum data protection is the default setting. In addition, cuSmarText GDPR offers a detailed authorization system and a deadline management which monitors the legally binding data retention periods and reminds the responsible person(s) in good time.

The data protection software integrates smoothly with Microsoft and SAP systems and is easy to use via an intuitive web interface.

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