Contract Management

Contract management software – SAP-integrated, transparent & compliant

The SAP system-integrated contract management cuContract allows you to manage all types of agreements in a clear, audit-proof manner throughout their entire life cycle – from contract creation through monitoring up to archiving and controlled destruction. Stay on track during all phases of the contract and abreast of all deadlines and payments – thanks to clever features and automated processes.

With the audit-proof electronic record of the solution, the contracts (employment contracts, service agreements, tenant files) and contract-related documents are only one click away for the members of staff – and are thus available at any time. Additionally, the integrated appointment and deadline agent reminds the employees in due time to terminate a contract or renew it at better conditions.

The contract management software is integrated into SAP and Microsoft systems and can also be operated easily via a web interface.

Customer experience: implementation and benefits of contract management (English subtitles)

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Contract management in use

Contract management in use

Web interface

Contract management in use

Contract management in use

Mobile contract management: review and edit contracts on the go

Benefits of contract management

  • Optimal transparency and full control
  • Find information fast and more easily
  • Meet auditing standards and stay compliant
  • All appointments and deadlines under control
  • Easily utilize saving potentials in relation with contracts
  • Automated creation of documents and contracts
  • Ideal basis for strategic and operative decisions
  • 100% integrated in SAP and Microsoft systems

cuContract at a glance

  • Electronic, audit-compliant record for contracts
  • Automated document and contract creation
  • Appointment and deadline management
  • Task management and distribution
  • Suitable for SAP HANA
  • Integrated in MS Outlook and IBM Notes
  • Automated release and approval workflows
  • Invoice processing
  • Revenue and cost planning
  • contract bundling and consolidation
  • Automatically generated and allocated postings and invoices
  • Risk management, spend analysis, simulations and more
  • 100% integrated in SAP and Microsoft systems
  • The best user interface for everyone – SAP system, web, app

The most important functions of cuContract

Automated creation of documents and contracts

A company's employees often spend a significant portion of their workday repeatedly creating the same document types, extracting, printing and sending data from the SAP or ERP system. The automatic document creation of the solution allows you to automatically generate all types of documents such as contracts, invoices, cover letters, references, forms, replies etc. as single or serial letters as well as for mass production and individualized in the MS Office, PDF (PDF/A-) or another print format. Specially designed emails can be created as well – from any feature of the SAP system and MS Office.

Overview of appointments and deadlines

The appointment and deadline monitoring function is one of the core modules of the contract management and optimizes the workflow at any moment during the contract life cycle. The list of monitored objects includes, among others, minimal retention periods, notice periods, extension options, transgressions of threshold values, resubmissions as well as minimum and maximum retention periods Once the lead time of a particular appointment expires, follow-up tasks can be initiated. The responsible employee will then receive an email notification and a new task in the to-do list, or a respective follow-up task will be triggered automatically. This can be the extension or termination of a contract, for example.

Simple revenue and cost planning

Finally achieving a comprehensive overview of the invoicing, payment and revenue plans within the company – no problem with a contract management system. Here, you can use the invoicing plan included in cuContract, which contains all planned costs or revenues for specific periods of time, as well as the invoicing plans via the SAP modules MM or SD. This ensures that all contracts related to costs and revenues, as well as invoicing plans created from contracts without cost allocations are being analyzed.

The invoicing plan manages both periodical payments and one-time payments. Moreover, you can directly create postings from the invoicing plan item. In order to simulate possible financial repercussions, so-called “scenario amounts” can be recorded.

Contract bundling and consolidation for a better overview

The main difference between a contract management software and a basic software for storing and managing contracts is that the former harnesses contract data to actively monitor and impact business processes while simultaneously providing support in a multitude of different areas. In the contract management system, all appertaining information of a contract becomes immediately available, for e.g., relationships to other agreements or objects, invoicing plans, service level etc. What types of information will be stored to a contract is individually adjustable. Of course, all appertaining documents of a contract can be found easily - everything can be found in one location.

Integration of our software into SAP and Microsoft systems

The contract management software cuContract is 100% integrated into SAP systems. This profound process integration opens the door to a myriad of possibilities. This allows the software to connect to the SAP default modules for Finance, Controlling, Sales, Purchasing, and many more, and be called up from any feature of the SAP system. Thus, contracts are not managed in a vacuum but rather consistently and transparently in connection with the process, contract, cost, and posting contexts.

Due to the complete integration into the Microsoft systems, cuContract and the Microsoft products complement each other perfectly. This allows you to call up, use and edit the stored documents and information from MS Office applications or store them in the electronic record with a click – this can be done bidirectionally from MS SharePoint.

Wide field of application of the contract management software cuContract

The contract management software cuContract can be employed across industries and increases the efficiency as well as planning and steering abilities in all departments working with contract documents. From HR, to Administration over Legal and Controlling, digitizing those processes allows you to utilize enormous savings potentials.

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