Contract Management in Hospitals

Contract management in hospitals – best care for your contracts

The contract management cuContract HC, which is integrated in SAP systems, has been developed specially for the use in hospitals and clinics. The software manages all contracts from every clinic and department digitally and from a central location.

In this way the employees gain an overview of the contracts, validity periods as well as responsibilities and thus save administrative effort.

Numerous functions support the employees in their day-to-day work: audit-compliant electronic record, convenient search function, appointment and deadline monitoring, automated document creation (cooperation contracts, emails, written correspondence) and more.

Integrated contract management with cuContract HC (Healthcare)

The contract management software is integrated in SAP systems and can be operated easily through the web interface even without knowledge of SAP.

Benefits of contract management in hospitals

  • One system for medical, commercial and administrative fields
  • Simultaneous access to electronic record
  • Find information faster and more easily
  • All contract deadlines under control
  • Intuitive web interface for easy handling
  • Automated document creation of contracts, emails, written correspondence and more
  • Audit compliance and best data protection
  • Increase in efficiency and utilization of saving potentials
  • 100% integrated in SAP and Microsoft systems

cuContract HC at a glance

  • Electronic record for contracts and contract documents
  • structured, central access to contract data
  • Connected to SAP IS-H / and other SAP systems
  • Suitable for SAP HANA
  • Appointment and deadline monitoring
  • Document scan and barcode support
  • Automated document creation
  • Email import from MS Outlook and IBM Notes
  • Task management and approval workflows
  • Smart authorization system
  • 100% integrated in SAP systems and MS Office

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