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Also after the implementation of your new solution you will be receiving the best service.
We offer you the following options – depending on your queries – to get in touch with valantic Enterprise Solutions and to receive helpful information.

For questions, comments, suggestions or requests to our service page, the portals or the Service Desk, please use the following contact option:

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Service Desk

Service Desk

If a problem occurs, you can report it here. The valantic Enterprise Solutions team will find a solution.

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cuPortal for users

cuPortal for users

Find everything you need as a user of the solution – videos, quick-start guides, user manuals and much more.

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cuPortal for administrators

cuPortal for administrators

As a key user and / or administrator of the solution you will have access to further information, depending on the respective agreement.

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License key

License key

If you require a new license key, feel free to order a new one here.

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Desktop sharing

Via desktop sharing, you and the responsible team member of valantic Enterprise Solutions can take a look at your case together and at the same time. Find more information in “Desktop Sharing” in the Service category.

This is how it works

To open a desktop sharing meeting on your computer, start the Team Viewer DS (you can find it on the left-hand side). 

An ID and a password will be generated automatically. Please tell these two pieces of information to a member of valantic Enterprise Solutions on the phone, so that he/she can connect to your session. 

After the team member entered this information, you will be asked to share your screen. After successful login the team member can see your desktop and you see him / her in the category “Participants”.

To take part in an online meeting, start the Team Viewer OM (you can find it on the left-hand side). 

You will be asked for your meeting ID and your name. The meeting ID will be given to you by a team member of valantic Enterprise Solutions. After successful login you can see the screen or the presentation of the team member.

During the connection a menu bar will appear on the right edge of the desktop, which offers more functions and information. By clicking “X” or “Close connections” you can close the transmitted screen or leave the meeting.

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