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Wednesday, 29. November 2017

Circle Unlimited publishes major release 9.0 for document, contract and license management

Hamburg, November 29, 2017 – Circle Unlimited releases a new major release of its document, contract and license management at the end of the year. The solutions cuSmarText, cuContract and cuLicense are fully integrated in SAP and Microsoft systems, suitable for all industries and business areas, and are now available in the current version. The highlights include special services that enable an efficient implementation of the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which become effective in 2018. Furthermore, the completely new web interface offers outstanding flexibility and highly intuitive usability by using the latest SAPUI5 technology.

Overview of the top highlights of release 9.0:

Requirements of the GDPR

In general, the cuSolutions already comply with the principles of data processing according to the GDPR. Moreover, Circle Unlimited provides additional services for their customers in order to support them within measures like the exchange of information, correction or deletion in the most efficient way possible. These include, among others, special reports in case of queries regarding data processing of parties concerned as well as a documentation of the company’s obligation to provide information. Generally, parties concerned have the fundamental right of correction and deletion of their data and, under certain conditions, the right to restrict the processing of their data. For this purpose, cuSolutions offer the possibility of a rule-based logical and physical deletion, with corresponding monitoring. The experts of Circle Unlimited are always available to give advice on the implementation of legal requirements.

Also, all further requirements of the GDPR, can be implemented by using the cuSolutions. In addition to an extension of the rights of concerned parties, there are also specific requirements for the development of the software itself that processes personal data, through the GDPR. This involves, among other things, two principles: Privacy by design and privacy by default. They are ensuring that data privacy is already a component of the development. These principles are already valid for the development of all cuSolutions.

New generation of the web user interface with SAPUI5 and as Fiori app

The all new web interface offers outstanding flexibility and intuitive usability thanks to the latest SAPUI5 technology. As a central point of contact for cuSolutions, you have access to all information, records and documents from here. The home page can be compiled according to the customer’s preferences and can be adjusted anytime. The user decides which functions are available on the home page, in form of tiles. Also dates, deadlines and ToDos are always kept in view. New filter functions ease the retrieval and grouping of records and documents. The responsive design of the web interface also ensures optimal usability on various devices. The display adjusts itself flexibly to the respective screen size of tablet, smartphone and desktop PC. The new web interface can be used directly via the internet browser or as Fiori app via the Fiori Launchpad.

Create certificates and paperless payrolls automatically

That it is easy to create employment contracts, letters and mails with the digital personnel file is nothing new. Now, this also applies to certificates which can be created automatically with 9.0 release. For the highest possible degree of automation, prepared evaluation forms are compiled in a continuous process and complemented by personnel data. Therefore the authorized employee from the human resources department uses a pool of predefined text passages. Another highlight for the human resources department is the possibility to send encrypted payrolls to the employees via email. High postages or tedious distribution in mailboxes are a thing of the past.

Workflow Assistant now also web based (SAPUI5)

With the Workflow Assistant, the users can already map and perform their tasks in form of a checklist. The component supports you while executing even complex processes accurately. Now, this is even more user friendly because of the new web based SAPUI5 technology implementation. Work steps can be dealt with way easier – directly in the SAP GUI as well as in the new web interface.

Contract management for IFRS 15 & 16 – even without SAP RE-FX

The new International Financial Reporting Standards 15 (revenue from contracts with customers) and IFRS 16 (leasing relationships) will become effective in 2018 or 2019 and are placing higher demands on calculation and booking systems. Companies must review or reevaluate all existing leasing contracts and gather undocumented data for financial reporting. The adaption of already established processes is often unavoidable. These new requirements for IFRS15 and IFRS16 can be fulfilled with the contract management solution cuContract. The usage is possible via connections such as SAP RE-FX but also completely independent hereof.

cuDocument Scanner in new technology

The established cuDocument Scanner digitizes paper documents with the 9.0 release in new, future proof technology and provides them across the company – fast and easy. The key feature of the cuDocument Scanner: The software is integrated in SAP systems, meaning that it scans the documents out of the SAP system and assigns them automatically to the appropriate modules in the SAP system. Except for inserting the paper documents into the scanner, everything happens automatically. Time-consuming manual scanning and storing becomes a thing of the past.

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