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Monday, 7. July 2014

Circle Unlimited Offers new Release for Document and Contract Management

Hamburg, July 3, 2014 – Circle Unlimited AG expands their SAP-based solutions for document and contract management. The new releases cuSmarText 8.0 and cuContract 8.0, which are now available, open up a number of new user-friendly possibilities for working with documents, contracts and SAP data. Additionally to the interaction of the solutions with Microsoft Office Online, a custom-tailored user interface and additional reporting functionalities also the export of the digital file is now possible in the standard version. Customers who have been using the solutions before version 8.0 now have the option to migrate to the new version. By purchasing version 8.0, new users acquire a sophisticated software which includes valuable components from the solution portfolio of Circle Unlimited already in the standard version.

The solutions of Circle Unlimited, which are completely integrated into the SAP systems, are suitable for all industries. The solutions can be used across all departments – from procurement and sales to legal and human resources. Additionally, they are available for mobile devices. The following gives an overview of selected new functions and components of version 8.0 of cuSmarText (document management) and cuContract (contract management):

Interaction with Microsoft Office Online

All documents stored in the digital file of the document and contract management can now be managed with the server-based solution Microsoft Office Online (cloud & on-premise). This means that it is no longer necessary to install a Microsoft Office package on each workstation. With Microsoft Office Online (online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote) it is now possible to call up all documents in the browser. If Office is available at the workstation, it can be defined whether the local or browser-based MS Office programs will be used.

Custom-tailored work processes

Users can intervene on the user interface to make custom settings. They have the possibility to adjust the initial screen to their individual user behavior. The user decides which functions and information – for example in reporting – will be displayed. Additionally, the user can now choose from different variants (themes) for the layout of the interface.

Enhanced Reporting

It can now be defined in the user settings which reports will be created by default on the basis of the data provided by the SAP systems. It is also possible to issue reports directly in Microsoft Excel (xlsx format) and to edit them there. To enable this function the cuPower Creator was integrated into version 8.0. With the cuPower Creator users fill Microsoft Excel tables with SAP data in an automated manner, for example to issue management dashboards. They can generate reports and dashboards from custom-designed Excel sheet templates. These templates are created once before generation, including formatting and forms, and are then used for displaying the SAP data.

Expanded event and deadline component

Version 8.0 of document and contract management was expanded by an integrated group calendar. Here, the user can see all appointments and tasks in a calendar display similar to Outlook including a reminder function. Synchronization with the Microsoft Outlook calendar and the  appointments and tasks defined therein happens completely automatically. Thus, the users get a concise overview of all information from both applications. Changing between programs is no longer necessary.

Useful Windows Application

With the separately available application cuConnect for Windows all documents and emails in all formats (Microsoft Office, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, etc.) can be filed away in the SAP-based document and contract management directly from Windows via easy drag and drop. At the same time documents can be searched via free-text in the respective systems directly from the desktop. In both cases neither SAP systems nor the solutions of Circle Unlimited have to be opened. Everything happens on the Windows user interface.

Export of the digital file

In the standard version all documents from the digital file can be compressed and exported as zip or PDF file. These are then available independent of the SAP system, document and contract management system. It can be defined in the user settings who is permitted to use this function.

More options for PDF and PDF/A documents 

In the new version 8.0 PDF documents can be annotated and signed. Optionally, the comparison of content of PDF documents is possible for the first time. 

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