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Corporate History


New Fiori interfaces for optimizing the user interfaces of the solutions


Solutions run on SAP HANA


Introduction of the mobile solutions’ off-line functionality


Introduction of contract management in combination with the electronic signature, to sign digital documents without media disruptions
 Redevelopment of the cuExcel Creator as cuPower Creator for analyzing contents of the SAP system and other information as well as for invoice processing


Connection of document management to Windows applications, MS Outlook, MS Exchange Server and MS SharePoint for smooth processes
 Extension of the contract management for leasing and introduction of the Legal Process Management, the software for the Legal department


Launch of the integrative solution cuConnect that brings all documents and data to mobile devices (smartphone, iPad) and to email applications.

 Introduction of cuDetect for building inventories of software, hardware and SAP license information


Connection of cuSmarText with the add-on ABAKUS (application and customer system for development banks), to manage application documents and written correspondence of financial institutions


Expansion of the software portfolio by the document management system cuSmarText for the departments Procurement, Sales, Human Resources, Healthcare, Finances and Accounting
 Introduction of the cuDocument Builder for automated creation of documents.


Development of mobile solutions (for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry)


Realization of the web interface


Development of the contract management software cuContract and of the asset and license management software cuLicense
 Implementation of a two-brand strategy: Circle Unlimited AG as a supplier for standard software across industries and innobis AG as an expert in SAP Banking


Formation of INNOBIS Unternehmensberatung und Software GmbH (consulting and software): IT and SAP consulting as well as software development for banks and other financial service providers

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